Carrie Hope Fletcher takes our TheatreBiz Quick Quiz

Jodie Steele, Carrie Hope Fletcher, T'Shan Williams and Sophie Isaacs

West End star and Youtube sensation Carrie Hope Fletcher is currently starring in the smash-hit musical Heathers at The Theatre Royal Haymarket, but took some time off from her hectic schedule to answer our questions.

Welcome back to the West End! You’ve had a break since your celebrated run as Eponine in Les Misérables. How does it feel to return to Theatreland?

It’s truly wonderful to be back! It’s also lovely to be able to go back to my own home every night! Sometimes on tour I get quite homesick and really pine for my creature comforts so I very much enjoy being permanently in my flat!

Heathers the Musical is based on the cult 80s movie, which starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. Were you a fan of the film?

I actually hadn’t heard of the movie before the musical but once I had, about three years ago, I watched it and became a fan! I love Winona Ryder in movies like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands so it’s just another movie of hers I’ve fallen for! 

You’ve previously played Wednesday in The Addams Family and are now playing the equally teenage-angsty Veronica Sawyer in Heathers the Musical. Does playing these types of characters help you to relate to your legions of young fans?

If anything I think it helps them to relate to me! I remember exactly what it was like to be a teenager and to feel like every problem I had was all consuming but now that I’m getting older, I think teens look at me like I used to look at adults and wonder how they could possibly understand how I felt. So I think that the gap is being bridged by these characters and that feels important to me because I especially want my online spaces to be used by teenagers to voice their issues and experiences. Not even so that I can help but so that everyone can help each other. 

You’re also a successful recording artist, Youtuber and author, how do you find the time?

I never sleep and I have no social life…! Seriously though it’s all self-inflicted so don’t feel too sorry for me! I have a real fear of being bored and if I didn’t love everything I did, I just simply wouldn’t do it! Better busy than bored, I always say! 

Heathers the Musical has to be one of the most darkly comic shows in town, but for those people, who haven’t yet seen it, can you tell us what it has to offer?

Heathers the Musical is hilarious and heart-warming whilst it also tackles some seriously dark themes. It’s simply “beautiful” and there’s a reason it’s the most talked about musical in town! Don’t miss out! 

Heathers the Musical is running at The Theatre Royal Haymarket.


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