Chicago’s new Silver Tongued Prince of the Courtroom, Martin Kemp takes our TheatreBiz Quick Quiz


Chicago’s new Silver Tongued Prince of the Courtroom, Martin Kemp, answers our questions in this month’s TheatreBiz Quick Quiz. 

What’s it like playing such an iconic role?

Amazing, I wanted to play this part for so many years. There is always a pressure in taking on any part but this part, which so many big names over the years have taken on, is exciting and I love it!! I try to bring my brand of a sexy charismatic Billy Flynn to life!


How does performing in the West End compare to playing stadiums?  

Mmm … same but different it’s all performance, all theatrical, all entertainment! But Playing London’s West End is special!


Your character Billy Flynn is very suave and described as “silver tongued”. Do you think being able to turn on the charm is a good skill to possess?

Oh yes, a twinkle in the eye is worth its weight in gold!! It costs nothing to be charming and life would be dull without it!!!


You have some musical theatre classics to perform in the show including “All I Care About is Love” and “Razzle Dazzle” but is there another song in Chicago you’d love to sing?  

Oh yes!!! Mr cellophane!! I sing along to this every night, it’s my favourite 


It’s great to have Chicago back in the West End, but for people who’ve never seen the musical before, what can audiences expect?  

It’s one of those shows you leave smiling! People know every song … it’s funny sexy and enthralling … a brilliant night out!!!

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Photo by Tristram Kenton


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