Genie of the Lamp, Trevor Dion Nicholas takes our TheatreBiz Quick Quiz


Before he flies across the pond to join the Broadway cast of Disney’s Aladdin, we caught up with the magical Genie of the Lamp, Trevor Dion Nicholas.

You play the all-powerful Genie in Disney’s Aladdin, but if you had to choose three wishes what would they be? 

Well I would definitely wish for a global splash of empathy right now. I feel like a lot of people are struggling to understand the plight of the person next to them and a better comprehension could help ease some of the frustrations that have grown out of that.

I would also wish to be able to continue doing what I love for a living, letting my creative endeavors support me as my life goes on.

Finally, I’d wish for my children to be guaranteed success in their chosen field. I don’t want them to be handed anything, but my wish would be for the things that they truly work for to end in victory and benefit.

You have a big solo, “Friend Like Me”, but is there another song in the show you’d like to perform? 

When I was a kid I would constantly sing along to Jafar’s Prince Ali reprise at the end of the film when his plan has finally come together. The performance of it is just so deliciously wicked, so yes, THAT!

You’ve played the Genie both on Broadway and here in the West End. How do they differ? 

The show itself is fairly different from Broadway to the West End. When we started rehearsing here in London our creative team was very much of the mindset to rebuild the show fresh. Aladdin the story is sharp, the character of the Genie needs to ring honest and true. To accomplish those things each production needs to operate on a crisp creative palette. Our production here is unique from any other production of Disney’s Aladdin performing in New York, Germany, Japan or Australia.  

What is it that makes Disney’s Aladdin so magical?

The story, when you break it down, is relatable and resonates with a large number of people. There’s a dual love story; Aladdin and Jasmine finding a romantic love between them, Aladdin and the Genie finding the love of true friendship within each other. It’s about someone attempting to live up to their full potential, something the majority of us strive for. Add in a spicy dose of 90’s nostalgia and you’ve got yourself a truly magical experience.

Disney’s Aladdin is running at the Prince Edward Theatre.


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